Ah, the joys of felt fiber alchemy, the fascination in watching a puffy cloud of wool fibers settle into a dense, wet, matted tangle, each fiber hugging its neighbors in a life-long embrace. Immersed in the process, rubbing the wool and silk with soapy water, adding additional silk, bamboo, or Tencel fibers, or bits of yarn and other textures, I feel alchemy taking place. Sometimes I can even smell sheep. My busy chattering “monkey brain” is quieted. I have to take my time—or rather, I have to take the time the fibers require. You can’t rush the process. 

Making felt is an alchemical process. Simple materials combine to become something exceptional and unique. I am a grateful, and awestruck, participant in this powerful process of transformation. Materials change form and state, creating something new and never seen before. The result is serendipitous, unexpected, and delightful.